How to pass my Spanish Citizenship Test and Interview

Applying for Spanish Citizenship? Keep reading to learn about what your Spanish Citizenship Test and Interview will consist of and to get some helpful, practical tips to ace them!


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How to get Spanish Citizenship

Obtaining Spanish citizenship by residency requires living in the country legally (that is, in possession of a residency permit) for up to 10 years.

You will also need to pass a Spanish proficiency test as well as demonstrate your knowledge of Spanish history and culture.

For an overview of the requirements and procedures involved in applying for Spanish citizenship, check out our audio article La nacionalidad española por residencia. We created this feature to help you get the facts AND practise your Spanish at the same time!

For additional information about the conditions and requirements of obtaining Spanish citizenship, see the official sites for the Ministerio de Justicia and the Gobierno de España.

Spanish Proficiency Test and Citizenship Interview

In order to obtain Spanish citizenship, you need to prove your Spanish proficiency by either passing a test or meeting certain criteria (e.g., having a degree from a Spanish university).

The most daunting part of the citizenship process, however, may be the interview, during which you need to demonstrate your knowledge of Spanish history and culture. To learn this information, study the Manual para la preparación de la Prueba de Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España (CCSE).

Our friend María Virginia went through this process a few years ago and shared her experiences and thoughts for our bilingual Reader: Ciudadanía española: la experiencia de María Virginia.

Spanish citizenship: Language proficiency test

The Spanish language level test includes both listening and speaking sections, but there’s a chance you might be eligible to be exempted from it by obtaining an official diploma or certificate to prove you have reached at least B1 level in all four competencies: listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Spanish citizenship: Constitution and Culture test

This is the time to demonstrate your knowledge of Spanish government and culture. As mentioned above, you can take a look at the Manual CCSE to discover the information you'll need.

You are expected to know about things like key dates in Spanish history, Spanish values, important symbols and governmental organisation, among other topics.

How can Kwiziq Spanish help me prepare for my Spanish proficiency test and citizenship interview?

The Spanish resources offered throughout Kwiziq Spanish will help you steadily improve your language skills. We also have a series of Spanish kwizzes based specifically on the content from the Manuel CCSE so that you can put your Spanish to the test while simultaneously learning this essential information.

  1. Level A1 - Gobierno, legislación y participación ciudadana

  2. Level A2 - Discrimination, National Police and Civil Guard

  3. Level B1 - Art, music, architecture and important events

  4. Level B2 - Spanish geography, weather and food

In addition to the facts and figures from the Manuel CCSE, you'll also need to demonstrate knowledge of and an appreciation for Spanish culture. Kwiziq Spanish has a huge body of content related to everything from art to sports that you can use to learn more about the richness of Spanish history and culture.

Art & Design

  • Desde mi balcón
    Reading exercise

    instead of being a physical event, 2020's PhotoEspaña will be an online event. This reading and listening exercise can help you practise El Subjuntivo.
  • Aprende a decorar mesas navideñas
    Reading exercise

    It’s time to add a seasonal touch to really get in the festive sprit! This exercise can help you practise subordinate clauses in the subjunctive and the indicative plus relative clauses with prepositions.
  • El Peine del Viento
    Reading exercise

    B2 Spanish interactive reading article
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  • La farándula
    listening exercise

    Leopoldo talks about the word for show business in Spanish.
  • Solicitando un trabajo
    Reading exercise

    Read and listen to this text describing how to write a formal email for a job application.
  • A business meeting
    listening exercise

    Noelia tells us about her business meeting.
More Spanish exercises about Employment >>

Famous People

  • ¡HOLA!
    listening exercise

    Sandra cannot wait to know who this week's ¡HOLA! exclusive is about.
  • Gisela Pulido (A1)
    Subject mastery Kwiz

    Fill in the blanks with the right form of El Presente. Pay attention to the hints!

  • Rosalía cantante revelación
    Reading exercise

    Learn about the young Spanish singer called Rosalía Vila Tobella whose modern take on flamenco music led her to fame.
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Film & TV

  • Javier Bardem y Penélope Cruz (B1)
    Subject mastery Kwiz

    Learn a bit about these two famous Spanish actors. Choose the right verb from the options given: saber or conocer

  • A documentary about the Sun (A2)
    writing exercise

    Javier watched a documentary about the Sun last night.
  • A Film Review
    writing exercise

    Practise neuter pronouns, the passive voice with simple and compound tenses, and "if" clauses with El Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto de Subjuntivo followed by El Condicional Compuesto.
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Food & Drink

  • ¿Quién inventó la piña colada?
    listening exercise

    Margarita explains the origin of the pina colada.
  • La receta del guacamole (A2)
    Subject mastery Kwiz

    Turn the infinitive given in the hint into its imperative form for "tú". Be careful because there are regular and irregular verbs!

  • ¡A comer!
    Reading exercise

    Learn how to make a Spanish potato omelette: una tortilla de patata.
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Monuments, Tourism & Vacations

  • A big surprise! (B2)
    listening exercise

    Adela tells us about an axciting surprise she got from her boyfriend.
  • El clima (A1)
    Subject mastery Kwiz

    Choose either hace, hay, está or an impersonal verb to talk about the weather. See also Weather vocabulary in Spanish

  • ¿Playa o montaña?
    listening exercise

    Olivia has find the perfect summer destination that means not choosing between the beach and going to the mountains.
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Politics & History

  • El Cid
    Reading exercise

    Learn about this famous Medieval warrior with this reading and listening exercise which can help you practise relative pronouns, past tenses and past participles as adjectives.
  • ¿Quién inventó las fuentes?
    listening exercise

    Beltrán explains the history of fountains.
  • 23-F: Coup d'Etat in Spain
    Reading exercise

    This exercise is based on events that occurred on 23 February 1981, when Lieutenant-Colonel Tejero led 200 civil guards in a coup d'État against the recently-formed Spanish democracy.
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Celebrations & Important Dates

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Immigration & Citizenship

  • Gallegos
    listening exercise

    Santiago tells us about how the Galicians emigrated to Argentina.
  • I went back home! (A2)
    listening exercise

    Mariela just returned to her home country and she is very excited about it.
  • Ciudadanía española: la experiencia de María Virginia
    Reading exercise

    Listen to María Virginia's experience of applying for Spanish nationality and, in particular, the types of questions that came up in the General Culture exam. This A2 exercise can help you practise El Indefinido, El Imperfecto, and the use and position of the preposition de for descriptions.
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Language & Education

More Spanish exercises about Language & Education >>

Literature, Poetry, Theatre

  • Almudena Grandes
    Reading exercise

    Find out more about her life and work of author Almudena Grandes with this B1 reading and listening exercise that can help you practise the pasiva refleja, El Pretérito indefinido and El Pretérito imperfecto.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón
    Reading exercise

    On Friday 19th June 2020, the Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón, best known for the novel La Sombra del Viento, passed away. We pay homage with this bilingual reader.
  • Juan Ramón Jiménez (A2)
    Subject mastery Kwiz

    Fill in the gaps with the right form of El Pretérito Indefinido. Pay attention to the hints!

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  • A magic piano (B2)
    writing exercise

    Learn about Pablo Alborán and his excellent piano skills.
  • A saeta
    writing exercise

    Jaime tells us about his experience in Seville during Easter celebrations.
  • Aguas de marzo
    Reading exercise

    Listen to the Spanish-language version of a song originally written by the Brazilian Tom Jobim.
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Sports & Leisure

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