Irregulares en Indefinido/mismas terminaciones

Spanish irregular simple past conjugation with same endings

In Spanish there is a group of common verbs that are irregular in the simple past. The verbs in this category all have an irregular stem, but share the same set of endings:







Important: Note that this group of verbs does not have accents on the yo and él forms that you normally find in the regular simple past conjugation. 

Verbs that belong to this group are:

  • querer (to want/love) [stem:quis-]
  • hacer (to do/make)    [stem:hic-]
  • poner(to put)            [stem:pus-]
  • poder (can/to be able to)  [stem:pud-]
  • estar (to be)   [stem:estuv-]
  • tener (to have)  [stem:tuv-]
  • venir (to come)  [stem:vin-]
  • saber (to know)  [stem:sup-]
  • caber (to fit)  [stem:cup-]
  • andar (to walk)  [stem:anduv-]
  • haber (to have [auxiliary]/there was/were) [stem:hub-]

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