Oración condicional con si

Conditional sentences with if

See also: Conjunción and Conjunction types

Si (if) is a type of conjunction which can introduce conditional sentences, i.e sentences where there is a condition for the main clause to actually happen. The higher or lower possibility of the main clause fullfilling will depend on the tenses used.

There are three types of conditional clauses with si (if):

  • Si (present indicative) + present indicative/ future simple/ imperative. (on this type the condition is possible.)

Si cojo el autobús, llego antes a casa. -If I take the bus, I (will) get home earlier.

Si cojo el autobús, llegaré antes a casa. -If I take the bus, I will get home earlier.

Si coges el autobús, paga con estas monedas. - If you take the bus,  pay with these coins. 

  • Si (imperfect subjunctive) + conditional simple (on this type the condition is seen as less possible.)

Si cogiera el autobús, llegaría antes a casa. -If I took the bus, I would get home earlier.

  • Si (pluperfect subjunctive) + perfect conditional (on this type the condition is seen as an impossible condition, so that the action of the main clause wasn't met.)

Si  hubiera cogido el autobús, habría llegado antes a casa. -If I had taken the bus, I would have got home earlier.

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