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NicoleB1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor
Personal A can't find the lesson


I am having difficulty toggling between Kwiziq, Lawless Spanish and this site (Progress...)

When I am in the Kwiziq site, for some reason, I can't log in.  I have also tried what had been suggested to me earlier, to just replace the address with the Lawless one, and was told I'd be in the same place, but when I do that, it brings me to the main Progress with Lawless  "welcome" page, with the "Your Spanish Dashboard". and I've lost the page..

When I find something on the Lawless site and I sign in, I lose the page I was on and cannot find that page in the Progress with Lawless site.  

For example, in Lawless, I found an article on the Personal A, with links at the bottom.  This is the page I was on:


Article name:

Personal A

{Excerpt : Although normally prepositions are not used in front of direct objects, in Spanish there is a special preposition called the personal a which precedes direct objects that refer to people, personified nouns, and animals.]

I was trying to find this  article thru a search on this  page I'm writing in, and didn't find this particular article, but  a list (which I included at the bottom of this message.)

Sorry for this being so long and probably confusing, but here are my questions:

1) how can I toggle from one site to the other/ and /or keep the page I'm on once logged in?

2) how can log into Kwiziq - it doesn't recognize me even though I got there via the activity listed here: 

and I enter my log in info but it doesn't recognize it.

2-1) for example I don't understand why I am not logged in anymore when I click on my name in the 

Q&A section in Lawless to get a list of my questions and I'm suddenly in Kwiziq.

3) How do I find this article below, that is at https://www.lawlessspanish.com/grammar/prepositions/personal-a/

but not in here, not that I could find easily anyway.

Thanks for your attention.


Thank you for your help. 

[Personal "a" verbs (Vocabulary builder)

/my-languages/spanish/review/830919 theme


Personal "a" verbs (ver, visitar, buscar, conocer)

/my-languages/spanish/view/6870 lesson


Using gustar to express personal attraction

/my-languages/spanish/view/6231 lesson


If you had come at ten I would have dealt with you personally. = "Si usted hubiera venido a las diez yo le habría atendido personalmente."

/my-languages/spanish/view/7078 example

Your friend, whose advice you followed, is not a trustworthy person. = "Tu amigo, cuyos consejos seguiste, no es una persona de fiar."


Asked 11 months ago

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