The Kwiziq 5-a-Day Challenge #kwiziq5aday

5 Kwizzes a day, every day. Your friends will hold you to it!

The Kwiziq 5-a-day is our challenge to you to gain the most of your Spanish study with Kwiziq Spanish. 

The idea is simple: you set it as a goal, tell your friends and then do 5 Kwizzes a day, every day, for as long as you can. 

Every time you achieve the target (we'll tell you every time with a shiny new badge for your collection), you can share it with the world on your favourite social network using the hashtag:


So your friends and family (and the team at Kwiziq Spanish) can keep you focussed and provide encouragement.

Acheiving fluency in Spanish doesn't need to be hard, but you do need to practice regularly and effectively. If your goal is become fluent you need to ensure that the goal is:

  1. Challenging but attainable 
  2. Specific and positive
  3. Accountable but flexible

The #kwiziq5aDay challenge is all of these and more.

Try to keep the chain unbroken for as long as you can, but if you break it for a day, stay positive and start it again. 

We'll be working on loads of goodies for the people that do, including your own leaderboard and other extras just for challengers!

Hear from other committed students...