Verbos con cambio ortográfico e > ie (presente)

Stem-changing Spanish e > ie verbs in present tense

A number of Spanish verbs are semi-regular because they undergo a stem change (e > ie) in El Presente de Indivativo (the present tense), but the usual endings still apply. This stem change occurs in verbs that end in -ar, -er and -ir.

The essential verbs pensarquerer, entender, preferir and sentir follow this pattern but there are many more.
Since this affects so many verbs, the lessons below will help you practise conjugating the essential verbs individually, and then other common verbs that follow this pattern ending in -ar-er or -ir according to the group endings:

The most common (i>ie) verbs are:
List of Common Spanish stem-changing (e > ie) verbs in the present tense

For a more comprehensive list see:
Comprehensive List of Spanish stem-changing (e > ie) verbs in the present tense

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