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Conjunción subordinante

Spanish Subordinating Conjunction

See also: Conjunción and Conjunction types

Subordinating conjunctions (conjunciones de subordinación) are words or expressions that link a main clause to a dependent clause.

For example

  • Es obvio que tú no comprendes. - It's obvious that you don't understand.
  • Aunque llegues tarde, no estoy enfadado.Although you're late, I'm not angry.
  • Como es domingo, iremos a ver a la abuela. - As it is Sunday, we will visit grandma.

Some common Spanish subordinating conjunctions:

    • aunque -although, even though
    • ya que -since 
    • cuando when
    • porque - because
    • mientras as, while
    • que - that
    • mientras que - while, whereas
    • a menos que - unless
    • como - as
    • donde - where

These conjunctions do not have an orthografic accent.




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