El Futuro Perfecto

Spanish perfect future

El Futuro Perfecto also known as El Antefuturo

El Futuro Perfecto is the future perfect tense of the indicative mood. It's used to express actions that will happen before other actions in the future: it could be called 'the past of the future'. And sometimes it is also used to talk about what we think happened in the past.

In English, the perfect future is formed with "will have"past participle of the verb.
In Spanish, El Futuro Perfecto is formed with:

haber in El Futuro Imperfecto + past participle

For example

habrás terminado tus deberes pronto. -You will have finished your homework soon.

No sé dónde habrá aprendido esa palabra. - I don't know where he may have learned that word.

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