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Verbos con cambio ortográfico o > ue (presente)

Stem-changing Spanish o > ue verbs in the present tense

A number of Spanish verbs are semi-regular because they undergo a stem change (o > ue) in the present tense in all forms except nosotros and vosotros, but the usual endings still apply.

NOTE: The verb jugar (to play) follows almost the same pattern (u > ue), but as it is the only u > ue verb we've decided to include it with the o > ue verbs so that it doesn't feel too lonely. ;)

The essential verbs poder (can/to be able to) and soler (to usually/tend to [do]) follow this pattern but there are many more:

A1 Spanish verb list: Stem-changing verbs: present tense (o > ue)


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