List of common Spanish Stem-changing Verbs: present tense (o > ue)

These common Spanish verbs all have a stem change (o > ue) in the present tense


Acordarse To remember
Acostarse To go to bed
Almorzar To have lunch
Costar To cost
Doler To hurt
Dormir To sleep
Encontrar To find
Morir To die
Mover To move [something]
Poder To be able to
Recordar To remember
Soler To tend to [do something]
Sonar To ring
Soñar To dream
Volar To fly
Volver To come back



Kwiziq community member

14 April 2019

1 reply

Do we have a list of ir er verbs with the consonant o in the stem which do not change?


Kwiziq language super star

14 April 2019


Hola Dennis

I'm afraid not. We tend to make lists of verbs that undergo some sort of irregularity.

To name some of those verbs that have an -o in the stem and don't change to -ue, you have for example:

Cortar - to cut

Notar - to realise

Frotar - to scrub

Votar - to vote

Engordar - to get fat

Coser - to sew

Comer - to eat

Coger - to take

Poner - to put 



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