Un crimen perfecto (part 1)

Spanish online reading and listening practice - level B1-B2

This reading and listening exercise can help you practise El Pretérito Imperfecto vs. El Pretérito Indefinido, El Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto, position of direct and indirect pronouns after infinitives.

Exercise: Un crimen perfecto

Listen to the audio, then read the transcript. Click any phrase for the translation and links to related grammar lessons which you can add to your Kwiziq notebook to practise later.

Here are the study lists and vocabulary associated with this reader:

Text by Silvia Píriz and audio by Inma Sánchez.

Next up: Un Crimen Perfecto (part 2)

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Q&A Forum 1 question, 3 answers

Donde esta el fin de la historia? =)

Asked 6 months ago
InmaKwiziq language super star

Hi Evgeny


Part 2 of Crimen perfecto is coming soon... end of February.



Muchas gracias. Lo espero con impaciencia :)

ShuiKwiziq language super star

Hola Evgeny

I hope you are also following our other series called "Los Novios", there's another installment about Susana and Alfredo coming very soon! 

If you need to catch up here's where to find out what has been happening so far: 




Donde esta el fin de la historia? =)

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