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Subordinating conjunctions

Conjunciones subordinantes


Porque Because
Pues Well, since, as, so
Puesto que Because, since, given that
Ya que Because, since, now that, as
Como If, since, because, as
Que Than, that
Aunque Though, although, even though, in spite of
Bien que Although, though, albeit
Por más que As much as
Si bien Even though, although
Si If
Con tal que As long as, so long as, provided that
Siempre que Every time, whenever
Pues luego Since after
Así que So
De modo que So that, in order that, in such a way
Conque So, so then
Para que So that, in order to
A fin de que So that, in order to
Mientras While, whilst, meanwhile, whereas
Cuando When

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