Past Tense

El pretérito refers to past time actions. Spanish past verb forms in the indicative mood include: el pretérito indefinido o pretérito perfecto simple, el pretérito imperfecto, el pretérito perfecto, el pretérito pluscuamperfecto, pretérito continuo and el pretérito anterior. And in the subjuntive mood are: el pretérito imperfecto, el pretérito perfecto, el pretérito pluscuamperfecto and el pretérito anterior.

Here are some examples with different that belong to the preterite:

Yo ya había viajado a Segovia cuando tu llegaste a Madrid.
I had traveled to Segovia when you arrived in Madrid.

En cuanto hubo terminado su trabajo, se fue a comer.
As soon as he had finished his work, he went to eat.

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