Pronombre numeral

Spanish numeral pronoun

See also: Pronombre and Pronoun types

Numeral pronouns indicate the number or quantity of the noun. There are four types of numeral pronouns:

  1. Cardinals: -¿Cuántos invitados hay? -Hay veinte. -How many guests are there? -There are twenty.
  2. Fractions: -¿Cuánta tarea hiciste? -Hice la mitad. -How much homework did you do? -I did the half.
  3. Multiplicatives: -¿Cuánto dinero necesitas? -Necesito el triple. -How much money do you need? -I need the triple.
  4. Ordinals: -¿Cómo llegaste a la meta? -Fui el primero. -How did you get to the finish line? -I was the first one.

Spanish numeral pronouns agree in gender and number with the noun they are referring to.

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