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Growing up, I heard and have used Yo tenia for I had? I assume that is incorrect?

NelsonC1Kwiziq community member

Growing up, I heard and have used Yo tenia for I had? I assume that is incorrect?

Asked 2 years ago
InmaKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Nelson,

As Andy was saying, yes it depends. Both are correct in their own context, so generally speaking the Preterite will be used for completed actions in the past and/or a specific time in the past while the Imperfect is generally used for continuous actions, or habits in the past. The lesson you were seeing is one for just the conjugation so we didn't put any enphasis on time phrases or usage. There are more specific lessons of usage (for both tenses) coming up soon. 



AndyC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

Not under all circumstances. You're talking about the difference between the El Pretérito Imperfecto (yo tenía) and the El Pretérito Indefinido (yo tuve). The former is used to denote things that were happening in the past or used to happen; the latter things that are completed. 

A couple of links (one here, one elsewhere): 


AndyC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor
There's also a lesson on comparing the Preterite and the Perfect but there doesn't seem to be a link on the Library page.
InmaKwiziq team member

Andy, I think you were referring to this specific lesson about Pretérito Perfecto vs Pretérito Indefinido.

Here is the link:



AndyC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor
That's the one
GruffKwiziq team member

FYI, you can find related lessons via the tags at the top of the lesson and any links within the lesson text. These take you to pages that list all of the lessons, so for example you could navigate either via tense name, then scroll down the list, you'll find all related lessons including all the usage lessons.



NelsonC1Kwiziq community member
Thank you everyone! I did reach the related lessons on each and now know the difference and contexts of when to use the two. I appreciate all the responses. Many thanks again!

Growing up, I heard and have used Yo tenia for I had? I assume that is incorrect?

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