Accentuación dudas


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13 December 2018

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Accentuación dudas

Hola, tengos dudas en la acentuación de las palabras arriba. Según lo que he estudiado "compráoslos" no sería correcto. La tilde debería ser en o: "cómpraoslos".

También en otras palabras tengo dudas de la accentuación.

No estoy segura. ¿Si esto (lo que esta escrito en los ejercicios)es correcto por favor digame cómo? 

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13 December 2018





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14 December 2018


Hola Deepanshi

This word "compráoslos" if formed by "comprad -os -los", so it is the imperative for you plural, followed by a reflexive pronoun for you plural, and another direct object pronoun "them". You cannot see the -d from the verb because when you are using an imperative with pronoun "os", we drop the -d and instead of comprados, we say compraos. 

Now, when you have two strong vowels together, they belong to separate syllables, so in this word we have 4 syllables all together: com-pra-os-los

The intonation of this word keeps the original intonation from the conjugated verb with no pronouns: comprad, therefore we need to give an accent to that -a as it is the third syllable from the back. This would be, as per accentuation rules, "una palábra esdrújula".

We are still working on content related to accentuation and lessons on it, but you can have a look here where you will find some useful information. 

Palabras agudas

Palabras graves

Palabras esdrújulas

Palabras sobresdrújulas

I hope this helps you.




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