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a la casa?


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12 July 2018

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a la casa?


Yo fui a casa de mi abuela la semana pasada.
I went to my grandmother house last week.

Why is this not fui a la casa rather than fui a casa?

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12 July 2018


Hi Ricky,

Both options are correct "Yo fui a casa de mi abuela" or "Yo fui a la casa de mi abuela".

When we talk about going to places we generally use the article el/la, e.g Voy a la peluquería (I am going to the hairdressers), Vamos a la playa (We are going to the beach). However when we go to people's houses to visit them we tend to omit the article, so it is more common to see "Voy a casa de...". It is also a question of style and it may also be regional.

There is a very sutil nuance when you use the article as well. If you say "Voy a la casa de mi abuela" it doesn't necessarity mean you are going to see her, but you are simply going to the place. If you omit the article "Voy a casa de mi abuela", people generally understand you are visiting.

I hope this helped,


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