Drag Queen gala in Gran Canaria

"Drag Queen gala en Gran Canaria"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

Have you ever been to the Drag Queen gala of Gran Canaria?

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "entertaining", "winner", "spectacular", "jury", "Canarian" and "amazing".

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Last year I saw a very special gala: the Drag Queen gala of Gran Canaria. It was an impressive musical show, where several famous singers performed and there was a very entertaining contest to choose a make-up winner. What I liked the most about the gala was that all the costumes were spectacular, so the jury took a long time in deciding which was the best. After watching the gala, I went out with my friends and we had dinner in a good Canarian restaurant. It was an amazing night!

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