Maria de las Mercedes of Orléans

"María de las Mercedes de Orléans"
Spanish B2 writing exercise

Learn about this Spanish queen from the 19th century.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "smiling", "to care (be concerned)", "happiness" and "typhoid disease".

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Queen Maria de las Mercedes was one of the most loved in the history of Spain. She conquered the heart of her cousin Alfonso XII and also that of the Spaniards of that time since she was a very cheerful and smiling girl. This queen promoted the construction of Madrid's Almudena cathedral, and its construction began in 1883. In addition, she was concerned for others and regularly participated in charities, which gave her a good image as queen. However, her life and happiness did not last long because she didn't live too many years, since she had the really bad luck of getting typhoid disease, and she died after having turned eighteen.

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