Adjetivo posesivo

Spanish possessive adjective

See also: Adjetivo and Adjective types

Possessive adjectives indicate ownership or possession. The English possessive adjectives are my, your, his, her, its, our, your and their.

Spanish has many more possessive adjectives because they have to agree in number and sometimes gender with their nouns.

For example

Él es mi hermano.He is my brother.

Rubén tiene su libro.Rubén has his book.

Yo no tengo vuestras camisas.I don't have your shirts.

Marcos es amigoo.Marcos is my friend/a friend of mine.

He visto el coche tuyo aparcado en la esquina.I saw your car parked in the corner. [you = tú]

There are short form possessive adjectives:


Possesive Adjectives

Just one possession

Possesive Adjectives

More than one possession







his/her/it/your (formal)/their




nuestro (masc) / nuestra (fem)

nuestros (masc) / nuestras (fem)

your (plural)

vuestro (masc) / vuestra (fem)

vuestros (masc) / vuestras (fem)

And long form possessive adjectives:

English    Masc sing    Masc pl     Fem sing    Fem pl    
my/of mine mío míos mía mías
your/of yours tuyo tuyos tuya tuyas

his/of his, her/of hers, its/ of its, 

your/of yours (formal), their/of theirs

suyo suyos suya suyas
our/of ours nuestro nuestros nuestra nuestras
your (plural)/ of yours vuestro vuestros vuestra vuestras
I'll be right with you...