Translation re parents and twins


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6 January 2019

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Translation re parents and twins

In the sentence:Ellas a luz a unos gemelos preciosos. (They gave birth to beautiful twins),

1) does "ellas" indicate 'several women gave birth to several sets of twins'? 

2) If a married couple had A set of twins, would that be ' ellOs a luz a un gemelo precioso?, Or does 'a luz' literally only refer to the mother who gives birth?


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6 January 2019


¡Hola Doug!

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) "Ellas" (subject pronoun for female plural) indicates several women giving birth to several sets of twins and

2) "To give birth" only applies to women giving birth, therefore we can never use a male subject in this case.

I hope this helps you to understand better.


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