This is what we do in English!


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6 June 2018

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This is what we do in English!

(Sorry, this is not really a question, but a hopefully helpful comment.)

Colloquially in English we often use the future tense to express present probabilities or predictions, just like the Spanish.  E.g. We could say "I'm not sure where John is, but he'll be practising his Spanish I should think."  Or "Do you think Fred has arrived home yet? Oh, he'll be relaxing with his feet up by now." 

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7 June 2018


Good point! We do use English future constructions in a very similar way (the "will" and "going to" forms). I'll chat with the team about the nuances here as I think in Spanish it's much more likely to be used than in English. Thanks for the input!


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18 June 2018


Incidently, we also use the conditional to wonder about the past, as in Spanish.

"I wonder what Beethoven would think of punk rock? Oh, he'd be spinning in his grave I reckon!"

(The parallels are fascinating aren't they!) 

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