Significance of NOS in this example.


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10 January 2018

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Significance of NOS in this example.

We will have drunk all the beer before the match. Nosotros NOS habremos bebido today la cerveza antes del partido.

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11 January 2018


Hi William "Nos" in this sentence simply emphasises the fact that it is "us" who would have drank all the beer. If you omit it in this sentence the meaning wouldn't change but it won't have that emphasis. We make some verbs "pronominal" (i.e add the reflexive pronouns) to have this nuance. Inma :))


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14 May 2018


"Beber" means "to drink", but "beberse" means "to drink up". So "nos habremos bebido la cerveza" emphasizes the fact that we will have drunk all the beer up!

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