Sentirse or sentir


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21 August 2018

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Sentirse or sentir

The question is:

Qué ________ por ese chico?What do you feel for that guy?

The answer given was sientes. However for me a possible answer to the question could be "I feel happy for him" which translates (hopefully) into Me siento feliz para él. So should the answer to your question not the reflexive "te sientes"

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22 August 2018


¡Hola William! As the lesson says, "sentir" is translated as "to feel something", while "sentirse" refers to "HOW do you feel about something" and not "WHAT do you feel", therefore in your question the only possibility is "sientes" because the question is "WHAT do you feel for that guy?".

I hope that it is clearer now.

Gracias, Silvia.

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