Quiz question estuviste caminando


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26 November 2018

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Quiz question estuviste caminando

The quiz question was:
Tú ________ al anochecer. You were walking at dusk.HINT: Conjugate "caminar" in El Pasado Progresivo/Continuoand i did it wrong, i said:
estuviste caminando, while it should be estabas caminando But i think the hint is not totally clear, it doesn't specify a imperfecto, or does it?
The lesson is totally clear, but i thought i could use an indefenido. Indefenido is pasado as well.


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29 November 2018


Hola Hans

You are right about using El Indefinido Progresivo as well. There is nothing specific in the hint that restricts it to just the Imperfecto Progresivo. We will change the hint to "Conjungate in El Imperfecto Progresivo", not "El Pasado Progresivo".

I hope this helps. 

Note that we have a lesson contrasting these two tenses. Here it is in case you haven't come across it. :)) 

El Imperfecto Progresivo vs El Indefinido Progresivo




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