How do you get to fill in gap kwizzes?


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4 January 2019

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How do you get to fill in gap kwizzes?

Hi, I'm new to the site and trying to understand how it works. Is there a specific section of the site for these exercises or do they only appear as suggestions in the notebook section? Thanks!


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4 January 2019


Hola Giovanni

Fill-in-the-blank kwizzes related to your current learning is suggested by the system, but it's true that there's no obvious way to access a list of them a the moment, I'll make sure that this feedback gets to the right people!

However, on the Kwiziq Spanish Blog we do have a blog post for every Fill-in-the-blank kwiz, so you can just click on the "fill-in-the-blank" or "gapfill" tag to see a list, here's a link you can add to your favorites.

The best way to hear about all the new ones is to sign up to our newsletter, have a look at your Communication Preferences and make sure that the Language tips and tricks newsletter checkbox has a check/tick.



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