Contestar a


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12 August 2018

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Contestar a

The question

________ a vuestra pregunta.I am answering your question.HINT: Conjugate "contestar" in El Presente Continuo.

I understand the answer Estoy contestando buy why is the preposition "a" included in the original sentence. "Vuestra pregunta" is not a person. Estoy contestando a vuestra amiga

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12 August 2018


¡Hola William!

According to RAE (Real Academia Española), the verb "contestar" accepts both options with or without the preposition "a" even if it does not refer to a person. I hope this helps! Silvia.


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14 August 2018


I notice that asistir can also take the preposition a. Is there a list of verbs which take the preposition a in similar circumstances?

Mi jefe y yo ________ a muchas reuniones.My boss and I used to attend lots of meetings.HINT: Conjugate "asistir" in El Pretérito Imperfecto

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