Interesting facts about the month of April (B2)
Spanish writing exercise

Curiosidades sobre el mes de abril

Ignacio tells us some interesting facts about the month of April. In this exercise you'll practise passive sentences, the position of adjectives, and "quisiera" to say "I would like".

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "for sure", "daisy", "starry night", "World Health Day", "World Earth Day", and "threat".

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I would like to tell you some interesting facts about this month, for example, what you surely don't know is that April means to open, and that this month got that name due to the fact that plants begin to open and to flower at this time. Another interesting fact is that a flower corresponds to each month of the year, and in the case of April, its flower is the daisy. If instead of flowers what you like are the stars, don't miss a spectacular April meteor shower which is called the Lyrids. Moreover, on April 7 World Health Day is celebrated, and on April 22 World Earth Day is commemorated, to make humanity aware of environmental problems that pose a threat to our planet.