An online shopping gift voucher (B2)
Spanish writing exercise

Un vale regalo para comprar en línea

Lorena feels very lucky today after receiving an online gift voucher. In this exercise you'll practise "cuando" + indicative for past events, negative opinions followed by El Subjuntivo, the position of adjectives, causal connectors, and prepositions followed by El Infinitivo.

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "bank details", "gift voucher" and "to work (function)".

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I have been given an amazing gift! When I was buying a phone online, and I gave my bank details to pay for it, a message appeared on the screen to tell me I'm customer 1000 and that I will soon receive a gift voucher worth 1000 euros. I can't wait to receive that voucher to buy a new laptop, since the one I have now doesn't work well. I don't think they will be too long in sending it to me, I hope it arrives for my birthday because it would be the best gift I could receive. Go ahead and buy online so that luck smiles to you too.

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