Videogames improve memory
Spanish writing exercise

Los videojuegos mejoran la memoria

Learn about the benefits of playing video games. In this exercise you'll practise idiomatic expressions, the passive voice and the difference between El Indicativo and El Subjuntivo.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "area", "spacial vision", "to take the opportunity" and "to get hooked".

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I'm not that big on video games, even though these are really extremely entertaining. However, positive aspects have been attributed to them since they became so popular on the market. Video games activate areas of the brain responsible for attention, spacial vision or working memory. Due to these obvious benefits, all their users will have to take advantage of this opportunity and focus [themselves] on those games that help them improve their skills. In my case, if I found an interesting video game, I would probably get too hooked and maybe it would not be good for me. Even so, we have to admit that properly monitored, video games are very beneficial for our brain.

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