B-Travel Barcelona
Spanish writing exercise

B-Travel Barcelona

Learn about this interesting tourism fair in Barcelona. In this exercise you'll practise the superlative, El Condicional Simple and the neutral pronoun "lo".

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to exchange", "to discover", "to plan", "to hope", "to share", "challenge", "to benefit" and "to attend".

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B-Travel is Barcelona's most important tourism fair. Every year, the best companies in the industry meet here (in order) to exchange ideas and professional contacts. The best thing about this fair is that visitors can discover the most interesting Spanish and international destinations, and in this way they can plan their next vacation. They could not have better advisors! In addition, travel professionals hope to share experiences and find solutions for new challenges that arise in tourism. As (you/one) can see, many people benefit from this encounter. I would like to attend this event since it is important to be well informed and maybe discover a exceptional new tourist destination!

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