Progress Reports

We include Progress Reports in some emails, here’s how to read them.

For example:

Kwiziq Progress Report

Level indicates the CEFR level, which is tied to the official Spanish proficiency test DELE.

Kwiziq Score is our unique grading system, which requires a score of at least 75% to pass each level. Any negative score is due to incorrect answers. You lose points for wrong answers, whereas if you skip the question, you just get a null score. So it’s always better to skip questions that you’re not sure about, rather than guessing.

Note that it is possible to pass, say, B2 but not A1 – this means that you have some knowledge gaps in the latter and/or you haven’t yet proven your familiarity with those topics to our A.I. KwizBot. You can rectify this by going to your Dashboard and taking that level test under Choose your own adventure.

Kwiziq Level Tests

The green dot indicates that this user has achieved reasonable confidence (a Kwiziq Score of at least 50%) at level B2, while the Progress Report tells us that he or she hasn’t yet reached the 75% pass threshold. The red dot shows poor understanding of C1 topics, while the yellow dots indicate that more testing needs to be done at those levels.

Topic Coverage refers to the percentage of our topics you’ve been kwizzed on within each level – though you may have only answered some of the questions within that topic. You should aim for 100% coverage in each level.

Question Coverage is the percentage of questions within the level that you’ve answered correctly. It takes longer to achieve 100% question coverage than 100% topic coverage, naturally. This figure will go beyond 100% when you answer questions more than once over time across multiple rounds of practice. So this user has touched on every B2-level topic, but has only answered two-thirds of B2 questions. Some of our super kwizzers are on 800% question coverage (i.e., eight rounds through the whole system of questions which can lead to excellent Kwiziq scores).

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