Verbo transitivo

Spanish Transitive Verb

A verbo transitivo is a verb that requires one or more objects to complete its meaning, i.e the verb needs a complemento directo - direct object.

Nosotros tenemos un coche 
We have a car. ( What do we have? -a car)

El gato bebe leche
The cat drinks milk. (What does he drink? -milk)

Ella escribió unos poemas
She wrote a  few poems. ( What did she write? -some poems)

Some verbos transitivos: mirar (to look)llevar (to bring), comprar (to buy), alquilar (to rent), construir (to build), llenar (to fill), usar (to use), limpiar (to clean)oler (to smell), escuchar (to listen)preferir (to prefer), necesitar (to need)amar (to love), querer (to want), odiar (to hate), olvidar (to forget), recordar (to remember).

Attention, sometimes there are exceptions:

- Verbos transitivos can work as instransitivos if there is not a direct odject in the sentence. 

El niño come rápido. 
The child is eating quickly.

- Verbos intransitivos can work as transitivos if they appear in the sentence with a direct object.
Los niños juegan al fútbol.

The kids are playing football.