Wouldn't this be present tense?


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18 October 2018

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Wouldn't this be present tense?

Which of the following sentences refer to a future time event?Esta tarde ayudo a mi madre en el jardín.Manuel se vestirá elegante ese día.Estos meses no dejaré de fumar.En aquella ocasión no te vi.
Why is the first sentence future and not present?

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18 October 2018


Hola Allison

We sometimes use the present tense to refer to future events, always using a time phrase that indicates the future. This is the case with this sentence:

"Esta tarde ayudo a mi madre en el jardín."

If you only say "Ayudo a mi madre en el jardín." there is no indication of future, but with "esta tarde" we know it is referring to a future time, "this afternoon".

I hope this helps.

(We've got a lesson about this usage coming up soon.)


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