Option to get rid of hints


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4 September 2018

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Option to get rid of hints

Can we get an option to remove hints from the tests?

For example with the following hint: 

HINT: Conjugate “ser” in El Pretérito Imperfecto

There is really no point to the question, because I can easily conjugate the verb if you tell me this...the difficulty is in knowing when to use the imperfect vs the preterite.

I would also like an option to get rid of the multiple choice answers for the one or two word answers. Sometimes you can eliminate three options just based on context without actually understand the grammar that is supposedly being tested.

Right now it is too easy to get the right answer when you don't really know the topic very well.


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4 September 2018


Hi Alec

Our hints are always there for good reason: Kwiziq tests your ability to produce the correct tense separately from your ability to conjugate (since these are independent skills - it's possible to be good at one or the other or both). This topic is testing your ability to conjugate which is why the hint is there because we explicitly don't want to test usage here.

We have various lessons that focus on the use cases for tenses as well as the contrasting cases such as imperfecto vs indefinido (note that in Spain the full name for 'el imperfecto' is 'el pretérito imperfecto' so despite people commonly using pretérito it to mean el pretérito indefinido, it can be confusing and ambiguous, so we avoid it.)

Usage lessons appear across different levels as the cases become more sophisticated:

In B1 we have Using El Imperfecto vs El indefinido (time markers) and in B2 we have Using El Imperfecto vs El indefinido (general use). You can explore them all in the library either by level or tense as you prefer and use your notebook to focus on topics of your choosing if KwizBot isn't choosing the ones you're interested yet.

Happy learning!


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