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22 April 2018

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getting closer!

OK.  I get it...I think!  It is because the first clause expresses "emotion".   Therefore it seems to be more a function of formality, a rule, not a matter of doubt. Because, I could be in fact happy that you travelled the world. Right?  Or, is there another way to convey that "I am pleased that..." as fact and not use the subjunctive?

I appologize if I appear to be running in circles, and chasing my tail! I greatly appreciate your imput!

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23 April 2018


Exactly Papi,

The clue is in the first clause expressing emotion or feeling. 

The subjunctive is not only about doubt; there is more to it. 

Hopefully we will very soon have more specific lessons covering different uses of subjunctive.

You don't need to apologize, we are here to help. :))


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