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Bad English translation


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15 May 2018

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Bad English translation

There were many experts in the room and I talked to some.

The answer here would be algunos. But it is marked "alguno". That would be in English, "I talked to one (of them).

This relates to:
Using alguno, alguna, algunos and algunas to say some, one or any (pronouns) -


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16 May 2018


Hola Allison

There is a hint in these questions that is saying either "Choose the correct singular form" or "Choose the correct plural form", because in English there are slightly different ways to translate alguno/alguna/algunos/algunas, and it may be a bit confusing.

In this specific question you are talking about, despite having the word "some" in the English translation, we have included a hint saying "Choose the correct singular form".

However, we will have a look at this lesson again and will try to improve it so the information is clearer.

Gracias y saludos,


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