Trash TV

Spanish B2 writing exercise

Do you spend time watching TV trash?

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "trash TV", "fashionable", "to convey", "mediocrity", "vulgarity", "puppets" and "profits".

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Trash TV programmes have recently become fashionable. They are not programmes created to either educate or be thought-provoking, but rather to entertain the audience and in this way gain large economic profits. Sometimes, people are conditioned by what they hear and see on television, so these programmes become acceptable models, even if they do not teach anything or convey deep feelings. We, as individuals, can choose not to watch this type of program where human miseries are shown and where mediocrity and vulgarity are favored. If we don't use our minds we are ruled by our emotions and become easily manipulated puppets. Therefore, time should be invested in more productive television programmes.

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