European Green Capital 2012
Spanish writing exercise

Capital Verde Europea 2012 (B2)

In this exercise you'll practise the passive voice with simple tenses and modal verbs in El Pretérito Indefinido.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:

"to design", "European Commission", "an award", "to recognise", "to carry out", "capita", "lung", "to reduce", "light pollution", "horticulture" and "water consumption".

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Vitoria was designated "European Green Capital" by the European Commission in 2012, thereby becoming the first Spanish city to win this award and the third European city after Stockholm and Hamburg. This award recognised the environmental effort that Vitoria has made in recent years The "Green Belt" is considered the lung of the city and measures have been taken to reduce the light pollution. In addition, the green areas are not exclusively considered recreational areas but they also allow the population to study horticulture. Regarding water consumption, Vitoria was able to limit its domestic consumption down to below 100 litres per capita per day. Throughout 2012, the city was an environmental model and shared these practices with other cities.