University of Panama

Spanish B1 writing exercise

La Universidad de Panamá

Amanda's dream is to study at University of Panama. In this exercise you'll practise adjectives as participles, El Presente de Subjuntivo, El Condicional Simple and affirmative adverbs.

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to pass (an exam)", "speciality", "marine engineering" and "Panama Canal".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into Spanish

  • I’ll show you where you make mistakes
  • I’ll keep track of what you need to practise
  • Change my choices if you want
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I'm finishing high school and after passing my final exams, I would like to go to the University of Panama. Have you ever heard of it? I have, and it's wonderful because it has several specialities like medicine, engineering, mathematics, etc. I would love to do marine engineering (in order) to find a job in the Panama Canal, but I may have to work for a year before starting my studies because this degree costs a lot of money. It won't be an easy task but I am determined to study there.

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