Spanish A2 writing exercise


Learn about Pafman, another Spanish superhero. In this exercise you'll practise El Pretérito Indefinido, comparatives, direct and indirect pronouns.

Pay attention to the hints! Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "first", "character (a person)", "endearing", "danger" and "weapon".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into Spanish

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  • I’ll keep track of what you need to practise
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The cartoonist Joaquín Cera wrote Pafman for the first time in 1980. This character wears a light blue suit and his boots are also this colour. He is not too smart but he is adorable. Pafcat is his adventure partner, a cat cleverer than him who saves him from danger. He also provides him with weapons (in order) to fight his enemies. I love Pafman!

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