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Festival of The Flowers in Colombia

"Feria de Las Flores en Colombia"
Spanish A1 writing exercise

Learn about this colourful Colombian festival which, despite its name, is best likened to a carnival with a plethora of exhibitions, activities and events taking place all over the city of Medellín.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "summer", "flower", "spectacle", "to attract", "tourist", "free", "ticket" and "valuable".

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Every summer in August, there are thousands of flowers in the streets of Medellín. It's not only about flowers you can go to music events (in order) to celebrate the Colombian culture of Antioquía. This event attracts many tourists and they usually repeat the experience years later. Most of the activities are free but there are also private events and you have to pay for the ticket. For example, the Antique Fair is very interesting because there are very valuable art objects. I want to visit Medellín next year.

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