Dyango and his song nostalgia

"Dyango y su canción nostalgia"
Spanish B1 writing exercise

Learn about Dyango and his renamed song "Nostalgia".

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "song", "lyrics", "sad", "anguish (distress)", "loneliness", "ballad", "years later" and "OTI Festival".

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My grandma Lupe loves to listen to "Nostalgia", a very nice song by Dyango from 1976. Its lyrics are a bit sad because they talk about feelings like nostalgia, abandonment, anguish and loneliness because of a broken heart. With this great song, Dyango conquered the Spanish market of the romantic ballad and, years later, he represented this country at the OTI Festival in 1980.

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