Your "improved" Improvement Timeline

Who is better: man or machine? I’ve got to tell you that KwizBot is adorable but sometimes even he can’t keep up with how busy the Kwiziq Spanish team are!

As you know Kwiziq Spanish is still in Beta, that means the Spanish team is working round the clock to deliver new content every day. One thing this impacts is your Improvement Timeline: sometimes it can look like you are not improving even though you are testing frequently and getting things right, this is because as we add content the levels grow but your timeline data reflects the size of data on they day it was built.

So sometimes your Improvement Timeline can look like this:


The good news is we’ve just rebuilt your timeline so if you have a look today you will see a true reflection of how you are doing!


But don’t worry if while we remain in Beta it starts flattening out again even though you are sure you’ve been getting things right – it just means the Spanish team have outpaced KwizBot!

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