List of -car verbs changing c > qu in the yo form in El Pretérito Indefinido

-car verbs change c > qu in pretérito indefinido for the yo form.


Aparcar   To park
Arrancar   To pull out
Arrascar   To scratch
Atacar   To attack
Buscar   To look for
Clasificar   To clasify
Complicar   To complicate
Convocar   To call together
Dedicar   To dedicate
Destacar   To highlight
Equivocarse   To be wrong
Explicar   To explain
Falsificar   To falsify
Identificar   To identify
Indicar   To indicate
Modificar   To modify
Remolcar   To tow
Replicar   To answer back
Roncar   To snore
Sacar   To take out
Sacar   To pull out
Secar   To dry
Suplicar   To beg


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