Comprehensive List of Spanish stem-changing (e > ie) verbs in the present tense

All of these verbs undergo a stem change (e > ie) for some forms in El Presente


Acertar To get [something] right
Advertir To warn
Atender To attend to
Calentar To warm up
Cerrar To close
Comenzar To start
Consentir To consent
Convertirse To become
Defender To defend
Despertarse To wake up
Empezar To start
Encender To switch on
Entender To understand
Gobernar To rule
Hervir To boil
Invertir To invest
Intervenir To intervene
Mentir To lie
Negar To deny
Pensar To think
Perder To lose
Preferir To prefer
Querer To want
Recomendar To recommend
Sentarse To sit down
Sentir To feel
Sostener To hold
Sugerir To suggest
Temblar To shake


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