Arabicisms in Spanish

Palabras españolas de origen árabe


Aceite Oil
Aceituna Olive
Acelga Swiss chard
Albañil Builder
Albaricoque Apricot
Alcalde Mayor
Alcantarilla Drain or gutter
Alcohol Alcohol
Alfil (chess) bishop
Alfombra Carpet or rug
Algodón Cotton
Almohada Pillow
Alquiler Rent
Azotea Rooftop terrace
Azul Blue
Azulejo Tile
Barrio Neighbourhood
Cero Zero
Dado Die (singular of dice)
Guitarra Guitar
Jarabe Syrup
Jarra Jug, jar
Jirafa Giraffe
Marfil Ivory
Noria Water wheel or big wheel (fairground ride)
Nuca Nape
Tambor Drum
Taza Mug


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