Expressions in love and relationships

Expressions in love and relationships


Me gustas mucho I like you a lot
Hacer tilín To make someone's heart beat faster, to start to like someone [colloquial]
Morirse por los huesos (de alguien) To be crazy about somebody [colloquial]
Estar colado (o colada) por alguien To be in love with someone [colloquial]
Estar enamorado (o enamorada) de alguien To be in love with someone
Estar chiflado (o chiflada) por alguien To be crazy about someone [colloquial]
Pedir salir a alguien To ask someone out
Declararse a alguien To tell someone you like him/her
Romper con alguien To break up with someone
Estar celoso (o celosa) To be jealous
Poner los cuernos a alguien To be unfaithful to someone [colloquial]
Este es mi chico. Esta es mi chica. This is my boyfriend. This is my girlfriend.
Este es mi novio. Esta es mi novia. This is my boyfriend/fiancé. This is my girlfriend/fiancée.
No es mi tipo He/she is not my type
Comprometerse To get engaged
Casarse To get married
Separarse To separate
Divorciarse To divorce
Prometerse amor eterno To promise everlasting love
Besarse To kiss


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