Verb list: Stem-changing verbs - present tense (o > ue)

These Spanish verbs all have a stem change (o > ue) in the present tense [+ jugar (u > ue)]


Acordar   To agree
Acordarse To remember
Acostarse To go to bed
Almorzar To have lunch
Apostar   To bet
Aprobar To approve
Avergonzarse   To feel ashamed
Cocer   To boil
Colar   To strain
Colgar To hang
Comprobar   To verify
Contar To tell
Costar To cost
Demostrar   To demonstrate
Descontar   To discount
Disolver   To disolve
Devolver To return
Doler To hurt
Dormir To sleep
Encontrar To find
Encontrarse (con)   To bump into
Envolver   To wrap
Forzar   To force
Jugar   To play (a game)
Llover   To rain
Moler   To grind
Morir To die
Morder To bite
Mostrar To show
Mover To move [something]
Oler   To smell
Poder To be able to
Probar   To prove
Probar To taste
Recordar To remember
Rogar To beg
Soler To tend to [do something]
Soltar   To set free
Sonar To ring
Soñar To dream
Tostar   To toast
Tronar   To thunder
Volar To fly
Volver To come back

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