Verb list: -gar verbs that change in El Presente de Subjuntivo


Apagar To switch off
Agregar To add
Ahogar To drown
Cabalgar To ride (on a horse)
Cargar To carry
Cargar To charge
Colgar To hang
Delegar To delegate
Descargar To unload
Dialogar To talk
Divulgar To disclose
Encargar To order
Entregar To deliver
Fregar To scrub
Investigar To investigate
Interrogar To interrogate
Jugar To play
Llegar To arrive
Ligar To flirt
Madrugar To get up early
Mendigar To beg (in the street)
Navegar To navigate
Negar To deny
Pagar To pay
Prolongar To extend
Rogar To beg
Tragar To swallow

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